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Medical missions group to visit Ecuador later this month

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 Savannah is home to a variety of faith-based outreach agencies that combine their strong Christian faith with a commitment to serve the needy in other parts of the globe.

     Eight years ago, Mary McMahon founded Nurses for the Nations (NFTN), an all-volunteer medical missions group which provides compassionate care to people in remote communities who do not have access to basic medical services. McMahon is an active member of Savannah Christian Church in Savannah, Georgia.

      According to the group's website, McMahon calls these areas ‘ground‐zero’ “because they are populated with men, women and children completely cut off from access to medical care, spiritual support and the authentic message of the gospel.”  Since its founding NFTN has provided medical services and shared the gospel with over over nine-thousand individuals.

     From June 27 – July 2, 2016, Nurses for the Nations will be sending a medical missions team to Curia, Ecuador to assist in ongoing efforts to provide relief from the devastating earthquake that struck the country earlier this year.

     Nancy Kowolik is the community outreach coordinator for Bright Life Chiropractic and also volunteers as administrative secretary for NFTN. She has been active with volunteer work most of her adult life working with youth, young mothers and church and faith based affairs. She also attends Savannah Christian Church and said there are several ways people can assist  Nurses for the Nations.

     “We take both medical and non-medical volunteers on our missions trip,” Kowolik said. “We just want Christians who are looking for ways to serve. For the Ecuador trip, we  need donations of basic hygiene items like soap and tooth brushes, over-the-counter medications like aspirin and tylenol, feminine hygiene products, and baby items like wipes and diapers.”

     Kowolik said Bright Life Chropractic serves as the drop-off point for these items. It's located at #2 Park of Commerce Blvd., Suite D, just off Chatham Parkway in the plaza next to Kia Country.

     Nurses for the Nations will be organizing another medical missions trip in the fall. For more information, please contact Kowolik at 912-398-8595 or send an email message to


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Thursday, June 2, 2016